Mamou-Mani Ltd is a new kind of architectural practice specialising in digitally-designed and fabricated architecture, custom products and interfaces. We now also offer Parametric Consultancy and Designs for the Metaverse.

We can design, make and create at our own fabrication facility, Fab.Pub.

We believe in innovation, and work with clients all over the world to create unique spaces, pieces, and experiences that inspire the mind and up-lift the soul.

Our ambition is to work with our clients to create sustainable designs that will not only help our planet, but also trigger instant curiosity and awe. This pushes us to constantly  innovate using new processes, technologies and biomaterials to revolutionise our environment.

As an award-winning international RIBA chartered practice, our unique approach has given us the opportunity to realise some ambitious visions. We pride ourselves on a collaborative culture that has seen us work with a variety of artists, designers and brands around the world who are courageously redefining their fields.


As a diverse studio of designers, makers and technologists, our methodology is to create synergy throughout these fields by using constant feedback and iterations. Our work uses algorithms to generate and evolve concepts based on rules and parameters, similarly to natural processes. This is called ‘Parametric Design’ and allows us to develop a futuristic, eco-friendly and often organic architectural style.

Sustainability, materials and robotic technology are what permeates our practice, and pushes our exploration into unknown territories. Each one of our projects is an opportunity to continue our research into new, sustainable processes that utilise cutting-edge digital technology in the form of bespoke installations, interior projects and breaking architectural ground.

As a practice we do not see our roles as designers as an isolated phase, but instead as part of an interconnected process where everything from sourcing resources to developing tools for the construction itself plays a part in the parameters of an idea.

Our belief in craft and innovation led us to  develop our own custom software and bespoke hardware for the wider fields of design and construction, which we hope will help lead the way towards a positive robotic age.


Mamou-Mani has a diverse team of staff from all over the world. We celebrate different cultural and academic backgrounds, but share a common passion for nature-inspired design and ethical practice.

We have carefully crafted an open-minded atmosphere full of discovery, learning and shared knowledge. We encourage our team and clients to explore new approaches to making, studying techniques from all over the world brought back to our personable office in Hackney.

A holistic approach to the design process has led to many boundary-pushing collaborative projects in countries far and wide. Recent years have seen us join forces with COS to create the ethereal ‘Conifera’ for the Salone del Mobile in Milan, before creating the world’s largest 3D printed sand pavilion ‘The Sandwaves’ with Studio Precht, not forgetting our volunteer-built Galaxia Temple for Burning Man in 2018.

Collaboration is at the heart of what we do and we are always open to exciting new opportunities.

“I have yet to find an architectural practice with a better inclusive culture”
Marsha Ramroop, Former Director of Diversity and Inclusion at the RIBA


We believe in radical self-reliance.
We are the system and the change we want to see.

We believe in active listening and constant iterations.
We do not hold on preciously to our ideas, we evolve, adapt, share and most importantly we listen. Do not stay stuck, move on, be quick!

We are curious without boundaries.
We believe in wabi-sabi, in the imperfect and in letting go. Let your research drive you and in expressing what materials have to say.

We let our designs shape themselves on the parameters that define them.
We study, learn scientific facts and metrics to measure our statements.

Everything is design and everyone is creative.
Let the world shape us as much as we shape it.


Arthur Mamou-Mani20161116200956

Arthur Mamou-Mani

Managing Director
James Cheung20201112162649

James Cheung

Partner & Commercial Director
Chioma Ekwo20220727113216

Chioma Ekwo

Commercial & HR Manager
Ariadna Wahab20240217123306

Ariadna Wahab

Procurement Manager & Executive Assistant of the CEO
Arik Oslerne20201112165753

Arik Oslerne

Financial & Operations Advisor
Giovanni Panico20200511151912
Mathias Gmachl20220714124449

Mathias Gmachl

Technical Director
Fun Yuen20201111183442

Fun Yuen

Sandy Kwan20150524142748

Sandy Kwan

Digital Consultant
Clinton Mendonca20220706163139

Clinton Mendonca

Architectural Assistant
Éléonore d’Hauterives20220727111352

Éléonore d’Hauterives

PM and Architect
Bilal Mian20150524143005

Bilal Mian

Jing Chiou20220603152951

Jing Chiou

Designer & Fabricator
Jonah Maxted20220603152525

Jonah Maxted

Ariane McCormack Jones20230921115433

Ariane McCormack Jones

Fabricator Generalist
Aslinur Taskin20230920181616

Aslinur Taskin

Roboticist / Fabricator
Zeynep Aydinoglu20221031140431

Zeynep Aydinoglu

Architectural Assistant
Wenxin Xu20230921114441

Wenxin Xu

Architectural Assistant
Minran Xue20230921113650

Minran Xue

Architectural Assistant
Vijayalakshmi Vijayappan20230921095358

Vijayalakshmi Vijayappan

Fabricator Generalist
Yasaman Arbabifard20230921105745

Yasaman Arbabifard

Architectural Assistant Part 2
Krishna Bhat20200511154840

Krishna Bhat

Valeria Hapun20230228165831

Valeria Hapun

Architectural Assistant
Hsiaoju Lee20230223131642

Hsiaoju Lee

Architectural Assistant


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Our digital fabrication lab – a Do-It-Yourself space with a variety of 3D Printers and laser cutting for any designer to book our machines and create their prototypes and designs.


Silkworm is a plugin that translates Grasshopper and Rhino geometry into GCode for 3d printing. Silkworm allows for the complete and intuitive manipulation of the printer GCode.