Karen Millen Christmas Window Display

The Snow Storm –  Karen Millen’s Christmas Window display is our second installation at the Regent Street flagship store and is a continuation of  The Magic Garden.

Karen Millen Christmas Window Display

DATE  2013





Mamou-Mani – Arthur Mamou-Mani

Collaborators – Kate Rider, Ed Grainge, Henry Turner, John Konings, Paul Thorpe

Thanks – Guan Lee

It is made of polypropelene “Miura-Ori” origami strips flowing through the store. Each of the 8 windows is a framed composition using the constraints and variations of the material and folds as well as the posture of the mannequins in order to create a sense of lightness, beauty and magic.

“Strong, modern, high impact, nice and simple and not too Christmassy.  I recognised your touch!”  Andrew Hardy, Visual Merchandising Consultant

“Karen Millen’s current window on Regent Street is very beautiful and almost ethereal. Although it may not be the boldest of windows, it does not need to be, as it has been executed exceptionally well with real skill and craftmanship. The forms and shapes that have been created with this installation are incredible and work brilliantly with the subtlety of the mannequins. A really exceptional window from the Karen Millen brand.”  Jodie Oram – www.retailstorewindows.com

“This effortlessly subtle festive window display is made up of swooping polypropylene origami structures that creates a real high impact showcase. These dynamic art pieces enrapture the sophisticated mannequins that feature in the window display. A minimal, monochrome space that allows light to create drama and impact.” Design4Retail

“KarenMillen ‘s festive window displays feature a floating installation with a geometric, modern feel” www.retail-focus.co.uk

“Mamou-Mani Architects employed a minimalistic approach that plays of the light and whimsical nature of the season with folded forms that encircle the mannequins like a burst of snowy wind.”   http://ADONEmagazine.com