Orange worldwide headquarters

Orange worldwide headquarters

Our project is for the interiors of Orange Worldwide Headquarters in Issy-les-Moulineaux Paris . The aim was to welcome everyone through the soft thread of natural textures. Welcoming everyone back to the office after years of COVID quarantine. Through the soft thread of natural textures and three key projects to welcome the employee.

DATE  2021






Architect and General Contractor
Mamou-Mani ltd.
Arthur Mamou-Mani, Bilal Mian, Carmen Hu, Theophile Péju, Fun Yuen, Krishna Bhat, Holly Hawkins, Arik Oslerne, Nina Pestel, Youen Perhirin, Alex Onufriev, Chioma Ekwo, James Cheung, Andros Antoniades, Hafsa Syed

Structural Engineers
Format Engineering

Fabrication/Installation/Timber Detailing Cabanas
Xylotek Ltd.
Martin Self, Tom Dawson, Oscar Emanuel, Chris Lemka and team

Fabrication/Installation Presidential Lounge
FabPub ltd.
Jonah Maxted, Giovanni Panico, Shalom Osuchukwu, Juan Gonzales, Michael Wilson, Wilhem Moser

Fabrication Smile
The White Wall ltd.
Andrew Humber, Ashley Elliot, Robin Baker-Gibbs and team

Installation for Smile
Backface Studio
Julien Borrel, Tatiana Kaltenbacher and team

Lighting Engineering and installation
Street Communication
Yannick Yamanga, Moemen Salama and team

Smile at the Orange worldwide H.Q. 150m long parametric origami emerging from the entrance walls and opening them up to a gentle display of glowing, diffused and changing lights. The sinuous yet mineral geometry is inspired by lava flows cracking open to reveal their inner warmth. The folds on the 4000 laser cut modules gave structural strength to the paper thin powder-coated zintec sheets. The warm glow of molten lava opening up through a flowing origami river.  This is what inspired our Smile at the Orange worldwide H.Q.

The Cabanas, one of our three projects for the interior of the Orange Bridge H.Q. in Paris. The fractal steam bent timber skin of these biophilic cocoons provide privacy and inspiration whilst working on the desks. Inspired by the natural fibres of cactus the curved ribs are bent from straight pieces of ash timber, helping minimise waste in the process.

WoodenWaves in the presidential lounge of Orange bridge H.Q. provide a soft warm glow to a TV Wall and shelves telling the story of the company through its key products including the revolutionary minitel. The waves are customised, laser-cut, pre-assembled and tested for resistance and continuity at our FabPub. Flat packed plywood sheets are cut with hundreds of lattice hinges to create a parametric curvature helping with light and sound diffusion.