WOW!house entrance installation for Design Centre, Chelsea Harbour has been designed to create a moment of surprise as you enter the Chelsea Harbour Design Centre

Mandalas are traditional circular geometry used for meditation. They are reflective of a journey that often leads to disappearance and reappearance. To us, it is a beautiful symbol of the circular economy.

They are generated parametrically and through digital craft and are part of a wider range of designs that we will be launching very soon with Fab.Pub.

The mandala are 3D printed with bioplastic, a mix of fermented sugar and wood. PLA bioplastic is 80% more carbon efficient than conventional plastic and is a cradle to cradle material, in line with the principles of the circular economy.

Our solution is modular and designed for re-assembly, so it can be reconfigured and re-used again. We provide a simple software design tool to help create and visualise different design options. We use Augmented Reality to assemble the designs directly from holograms.


DATE 2022

LOCATION Chelsea Harbour Design Centre  London



Design: Mamou-Mani Ltd & Fab.Pub (Arthur Mamou-Mani, Mathias Gmachl)

Technical Direction & Project Management: Fab.Pub ltd. (Mathias Gmachl)

3D Printing: Fab.Pub ltd. (Giovanni Panico, Jonah Maxted, Liam Richards)

Timber Fabrication: FabPub ltd. (Jonah Maxted)

Assembly: Fab.Pub ltd. (Jing Wen Chiou, Clinton Mendonca, Nina Pestel)