WOW!House entrance installation for Design Centre, Chelsea Harbour has been designed to create a moment of surprise as you enter the Chelsea Harbour Design Centre Mandalas are traditional circular geometry used for meditation. They are reflective of a journey that often leads to disappearance and reappearance. To us, it is a beautiful symbol of the circular economy.


DATE 2022

LOCATION Chelsea Harbour Design Centre  London



Design: Mamou-Mani Ltd & Fab.Pub Ltd.(Arthur Mamou-Mani, Mathias Gmachl)

Technical Direction & Project Management: Fab.Pub Ltd. (Mathias Gmachl)

3D Printing: Fab.Pub Ltd. (Giovanni Panico, Jonah Maxted, Liam Richards)

Timber Fabrication: FabPub Ltd. (Jonah Maxted)

Assembly: Fab.Pub ltd. (Jing Wen Chiou, Clinton Mendonca, Nina Pestel)

They are generated parametrically and through digital craft and are part of a wider range of designs that we will be launching very soon with Fab.Pub.

The mandala are 3D printed with bioplastic, a mix of fermented sugar and wood. PLA bioplastic is 80% more carbon efficient than conventional plastic and is a cradle to cradle material, in line with the principles of the circular economy.

Our solution is modular and designed for re-assembly, so it can be reconfigured and re-used again. We provide a simple software design tool to help create and visualise different design options. We use Augmented Reality to assemble the designs directly from holograms.