FALLING IN LOVE – Stage design for Falling in Love

Palast Berlin, or Palast Berlin for short, has the world’s biggest theatre stage. It is a state theatre owned by the city of Berlin. The Palast celebrated on October 11 2023 the World Premiere of its most expensive production to date this evening on the world’s biggest theatre stage with the exclusive cooperation of the Austrian company Swarovski, 100 million Swarovski crystals make the most visited theatre in the German capital sparkle. That’s a new world record. There’s never been such a rush of crystals like this before, either in a film or on stage.

FALLING IN LOVE – Stage design for Falling in Love

DATE  2023













Mamou-Mani Architects

Arthur Mamou-Mani, Nina Pestel, Clinton Mendonca, David Akindipe, Ariadna Wahab


Mathias Gmachl

Friedrichstadt-Palast Berlin

You can meet all the team involved in the creation of Garden Of Love in this link:



Special thanks to

Oliver Hoppmann , Jimmy- Can Taymus and Yoko Seyama

About the show:

Who are You? You is young, passionate and full of longing, In Diamond City he doesn’t fit into amy mould. In the stone-faced people around him he finds no love. Without any hope, You would just like to sink into the ground.

Then the tarmac beneath his feet crumbles – and You falls into a different reality.

There below, in the lost garden of love, he sees what he has never seen before. That eternal human dream of a better world actually exists. But walled in by traditional normsit has lost all its colourfulness.

Will a young, deaf poet finally find the words that will make beauty and love blossom again in all their colours.

FALLING IN LOVE is a fantasy in bloom. As dreamy as it could ever be.

For the New York Times, our grand shows are an absolute ‘must-see’! A total of 100 artists from 28 nations on the world’s largest stage, so beautiful it’s hard not to fall in love.