The Altostrata - Therme Pavilion - is for the Sibiu International Theatre Festival, the Therme Forum for Theatre and Architecture and is an ongoing dialogue between arts and design professionals from around the world, exploring the symbiotic relationship between the Performing Arts and architecture. This project is a three-way collaboration between the Sibiu International Theatre Festival, and Therme Group and Arup. So far, the Forum has brought over 70 speakers from 21 countries together. Participants have discussed a wide range of topics including the impact of sustainability, digital technologies, architectural design and funding approaches to designing and planning new cultural infrastructure.


DATE  2023





Therme Group

Dr. Robert C. Hanea, Lucas Leuschner, Elena Morariu

Mamou-Mani Architects

Arthur Mamou- Mani, James Cheung, Clinton Mendonca, Ariadna Wahab, Zeynep Aydinoglu


Mathias Gmachl, Aslinur Taskin, Adam Meyrick, Jonah Maxted, Rong Cheng Li, Alex Hirtan, Giovanni Panico, Ho Wai Man


Tateo Nakajima, Ottilie Thornhill, Andreea Felciuc, Carolina Bartram, Chris Clark, Emily Walport, Graham Dodd, Stephen Philips, Melissa Mak, Sam Finnigan, Matthew Atwood, James Beer

Therme Arc

Elena Morariu, Iulian Tanaselea, Cristian Coica, Paul Brisan

Special thanks to AI BUILD and CNC ROBOTICS

Mamou-Mani Architects presents Altostrata, a groundbreaking3D printed pavilion unveiled at Dubai Design Week. Crafted entirely from compostable sugar-based polylactic acid (PLA), Altostrata
showcases the latest in sustainable designtechnology. This large-scale marvel highlights the power of Fab.Pub’s new
mobile 3D printing platform, and redefines the possibilities of architectural innovation.

Showcased at Dubai Design Week from November 7 to 12, 2023, Altostrata stands as an undulating structure,
forming a gracefully curved pavilion that embodies Fab.Pub’s circular design vision. Within its confines, visitors can
explore 3D printed objects and furniture, showcasing the capabilities of the technology. Additionally, they will be
introduced to the company’s ambitious plan to establish a network of mobile printing factories globally.

The pavilion and its exhibition revolve around four core circular principles: reduce, reuse, repurpose and recycle.
Utilising sustainable, sugar-based panels, Altostrata minimises waste,resource consumption, and environmental
impact. This innovative approach not only ensures sustainability but also allows for a flexible design that can be
easily reconfigured and transported, adapting to new forms and functionalities beyond its current purpose.

Set to revolutionise circular technology, Fab.Pub opens unlimited possibilities for digital fabrication at every scale by
providing a thriving community of industry pioneers and facilitates access to cutting-edge 3D printing machines to
the wide public. Through global mobile factories, Fab.Pub advocates for the use of local, renewable, and recyclable
materials, effectively reducing both waste and carbon emissions.

Arthur Mamou-Mani “We are very excited to showcase Fab.Pub through our Pavilion Altostrata at the Dubai
Design Week. Our mission at Fab Pub is to help the global design community fabricate locally using biomaterials.
We specialize in 3D printing using fermented sugar base, bioplastics, and our whole Altostrata Pavilion is printed
from it.

We have brought our products which we hope to launch very soon in our store, the very first store with 3D printers
and crushing machine that will enable a fully circular retail experience. Our aim is to empower people to fabricate,
purchase and discard whilst not create waste. We want Fab.Pub to help people and company manifest they dreams in
a circular way and hope by them to created a global community and a movement that every one can be part of”


Altostrata Pavilion spotlights Fab.Pub products

Get a glimpse into the future of design at the Altostrata Pavilion during Dubai Design Week, where visitors are
treated to an exclusive preview of Fab.Pub’s upcoming store, which promises a unique shopping experience blending
artisanal craftsmanship with innovation.

Among the showcased products is the Manda range, featuring 3D printed Mandalas in bioplastic blended with wood.
These creations not only exude earthy elegance but also embody Fab.Pub’s commitment to modular solutions,
allowing for seamless reconfiguration and reutilization. Stay tuned for the launch of Fab.Pub’s store, where art,
technology, and sustainability merge into a truly exceptional shopping experience.