The Altostrata - Therme Pavilion - is for the Sibiu International Theatre Festival, the Therme Forum for Theatre and Architecture and is an ongoing dialogue between arts and design professionals from around the world, exploring the symbiotic relationship between the Performing Arts and architecture.

This project is a three-way collaboration between the Sibiu International Theatre Festival, and Therme Group and Arup. So far, the Forum has brought over 70 speakers from 21 countries together.

Participants have discussed a wide range of topics including the impact of sustainability, digital technologies, architectural design and funding approaches to designing and planning new cultural infrastructure.


DATE  2023





Therme Group

Dr. Robert C. Hanea, Lucas Leuschner, Elena Morariu

Mamou-Mani Architects

Arthur Mamou- Mani, James Cheung, Clinton Mendonca, Ariadna Wahab


Mathias Gmachl, Aslinur Taskin, Adam Meyrick, Jonah Maxted, Rong Cheng Li, Alex Hirtan, Giovanni Panico, Ho Wai Man


Tateo Nakajima, Ottilie Thornhill, Andreea Felciuc, Carolina Bartram, Chris Clark, Emily Walport, Graham Dodd, Stephen Philips, Melissa Mak, Sam Finnigan, Matthew Atwood, James Beer

Therme Arc

Elena Morariu, Iulian Tanaselea, Cristian Coica, Paul Brisan

Special thanks to AI BUILD and CNC ROBOTICS

To mark the 30th anniversary of the Sibiu International Theatre Festival, Therme Group has commissioned a one-of-a-kind pavilion to host the Therme Forum activities at the 2023 edition of the Festival.

Designed by Mamou Mani Architects in collaboration with Arup, the temporary structure (located in Piaţa Albert Huet) will be 3D-printed from biodegradable sugar-based PLA by FabPub, a joint venture between Mamou-Mani and Therme Group.

The pavilion celebrates international, multi-disciplinary collaboration, and the pursuit of sophisticated, sustainable urban design. It will host panel discussions and an exhibition featuring the work of the three organisations in relation to the city of Sibiu.