The Act of Building as an Expression of Freedom

The expanding SUKKAH celebrates the act of building during the festival of Sukkot. Passers-by of all ages will be encouraged to take part in the straight-forward assembly process of this joint-free, recyclable and easily expandable structure.

Using a toolbox of simple CNC milled cardboard strips, which are folded into a variety of both structural and ornamental brick components, people’s participation will define the ultimate appearance of the Sukkah on Union Square.


The flexibility of the system, which was tested in a 1:1 prototype, as well as the idea of “Sukkah Cities”, creates the opportunity for an entire catalogue of Sukkah types adapting to the local surroundings. The NYC Sukkah’s pre-defined main frame will aspire to rise high, merging with the skyline. Bricks with inserted LED lights will make it vibrant at night. The subdivision of bricks allows for various degrees of porosity throughout the sukkah. Tables and chairs, free standing or integrated to the walls, will be made from the same logic.

From building the pyramids under slavery to the frugal and nomadic sukkot in the desert, our project continues to celebrate the act of building as an expression of freedom.