The DNA Blockchain Tower is a research project for an adaptive skyscraper.

"We believe that the future of construction will be in robotic technologies.

This revolution in the way we make buildings will impact not only how we design but how we think. Our intention is to anticipate this inevitable shift and lead the way towards a positive robotic age.

 An age in which Robotic technology is simple, affordable, environmental and connected to our ancestral knowledge of materials. An age in which the architects, engineers and contractors will work more closely together, bringing back the golden age of master-builders.


DATE  2018





Arthur Mamou-Mani, Ping-Hsiang Chen, Maialen Calleja, JiaHao Syu, Aditya Bhosle


Current architectural robotics are based on decade old robotic arm used for the car industry, they scale with difficulties and are very expensive. Building up on the open-source movement, we propose to create a new kind of cable construction robot, working at an unprecedented scale, merging stadium spidercams with the delta pick and place open-source technologies.

The robot constructs and deconstructs towers, demonstrating the cyclical nature of the building process and how demolition can be anticipated in the spirit of our new circular economy

An insight to the launch of DNA Blockchain Enterprise

A modular, additive and decentralised  skyscraper which is robotically assembled on site from prefabricated spatial units “a.k.a blocks” arranged according to  an environmental, structural and programmatic logic defined by users and algorithms.

Circular Economy

The tower’s capacity can expand and contract depending on the socio-economic needs and users buying, selling or moving to another blockchain building. No more empty towers, no more static cities.

Unique proposition

Construction sequencing using programmed robotics, machine learning and parametric design which advances people’s skills and pushes the boundaries of conservative building methods.

Efficient and safe design driven with the latest sustainable technologies and strategies; adaptable and applicable for each local environment that the blockchain building is intended to be placed.

Power is shifted to the future owner or occupier of each module directly, with services that DNA-B can provide to facilitate this within given timeframes. Size of modules offer ample space for creative designs to be developed by one or different design teams in order to meet the aspirations of the users.

Completed office fit- out modules can be brought on site and installed at a short amount of time. Using the precision of the robot, these modules can be placed and secured to the steel core structure which evolves simultaneously with the introduction of these modules. Once the minimum height is achieved, every 5 years there will an opening time where modules can be removed from the supports with the use of the robots, get refurbished offsite and brought back. Vertical expansion is also feasible.

Skyscraper construction with stacked prefabricated modules (off-site) and the aid of tested Cable Robotics will be the future as buildings can be scalable, affordable and safe. Developers around the Globe can adjust the key parameters outlined below and get the building that suits them best in any location. As technology advances and the digital transformation will be part of our daily lives, a new & refreshed notion of the built environment is possible.”